The 500: Episode 4 (470 – 461)

Welcome back to BGS’s The 500 with Bennett Garland and Kyle Norton. Somehow they’ve made it to Week 4, and they’re as surprised as I am. This week, Bennett and Kyle rock some Def Leppard, R.E.M., The Fugees, and one very, very #nice album.

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470. LL Cool J – “Radio”
469. The Fugees – “The Score”
468. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band – “The Paul Butterfield Blues Band”
467. Bruce Springsteen – “Tunnel of Love”
466. Coldplay – “A Rush of Blood to the Head”
465. The Magnetic Fields – “69 Love Songs”
464. Def Leppard – “Hysteria”
463. Echo and the Bunnymen – “Heaven Up Here”
462. R.E.M. – “Document”
461. Public Image Ltd – “Metal Box”

Spotify Playlist Week 4

Spotify Playlist Week 5


K believes in very few things that don’t adhere to the transcendentalist manifesto prescribed by Henry David Thoreau. He is a stat head who loves numbers and spreadsheets, but after a 7 year fight against the Chip Carrays and Joe Morgans of the world, his online presence has spiraled downward into a depressing series of long-cons and trolls.

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