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Fall 2014 Media Report: A Look into Upcoming TV and Movies

As the Summer season winds down, that means the end of the Summer blockbuster season and the beginning of TV season. Now, for any of you that know me, this is an exciting time. Movie blockbusters are fantastic, but I

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PLL Reaction S5 E4: The Monsters Aren’t Under Our Beds

I’ve been busy to the point that I’ve just now watched this weeks episode. It’s not really an excuse so much as it’s really awkward to start a paragraph with “I’M SO SORRY.” There’s a new Hannah in town. Which

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PLL Reaction S5 E3: Never Trust a Lawyer, and the Return of Hefty Hannah

If Episode 2 was all about setting up the insanity, than Episode 3 would theoretically start to let out some of the crazy. Instead, it keeps loading that breech, slowly simmering and waiting for everything to reach a head. Mrs.

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PLL Reaction S5 E1-2: ALI’S BACK

I love Pretty Little Liars. I usually live tweet each show, but because we live in the hot, new, digital age, I do it at 2 AM after its west coast showing. In the future, I’ll probably write these more

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