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Braves Projection Update: 5/11/15

We’re back for the second edition of the Braves Projection Update! If you missed the first week, this is a bi-weekly feature where we compare what our expectations for the Braves were at the beginning of the season and compare

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Braves Projection Update: 4/27/15

Today I’d like to begin what will end up being a new, bi-weekly feature at the General Store: Braves Projection Updates. Once every two weeks I’ll take a look at how the Braves performance up to that date, both at

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Quick and Steamy Braves Thoughts

Contrary to what the title may lead you to believe, this post is not about Gerald Laird’s abs. The 2015 Steamer baseballing projections were released yesterday, and I wanted to share a few quick thoughts on them as they pertain

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