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We Watched Some Movies – Episode 1: Music

With The 500 on break, Brad starts a series in which he and a guest watch three movies with a common theme. This week, BGS Editor K Yamada joins him to talk about three music movies: Almost Famous, Leningrad Cowboys

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Marathoning for Avengers: Captain America

Bennett is reviewing all of the movies in the current Marvel Comic Universe leading up to the release of Age of Ultron. Check in on the other MCU movie refreshers: Iron-Man, the Incredible Hulk Iron-Man  2 Thor This is it.

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Marathoning for Avengers: Iron-Man & The Forgettable Hulk

I am a student at Georgia Tech. Last I heard, we have the longest academic calendar in the state of Georgia, maybe the country. I’m not sure, but just know it is something demoralizing. This makes finals week hard for

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Diversity Day at Avengers Tower

A big leap forward is coming soon in the genre of comic book movies: Heroes of a diverse background will finally be headlining their own projects on the silver screen. The old joke about Marvel employing three headliners who are

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Fall 2014 Media Report: A Look into Upcoming TV and Movies

As the Summer season winds down, that means the end of the Summer blockbuster season and the beginning of TV season. Now, for any of you that know me, this is an exciting time. Movie blockbusters are fantastic, but I

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Marvel Plans Leaked: A Look Ahead with Intern Bennett

So, I want to preface this with letting you, the loyal reader know, none of this has been officially confirmed by Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, or the Watcher (that’s for you comic nerds). However, I have reason to believe this

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