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Friday Night with Guitar George: Number Ninety-eight

Dear friends, tonight is the ninety-eighth edition of Friday Night with Guitar George. Barring any unforeseen calamities, two weeks from tonight—May 20, 2016—will be the 100th edition, and the last regular installment in the series. I won’t say that it

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Beyond the 500 – Episode 10

The 500 returns this week with Bennett and guest hosts Brad “Honey Badger” Blackburn and everybody’s favorite Store member Stephen Ray Brown (SRB). There has been a lot of talk about Kyle, who is out of town, being “Wally Pipped,”

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The 500: Episode 10 (410 – 401)

The 500 reaches a landmark, as the 100th album falls this week. Kyle is out of town, so Bennett is joined by Brad Blackburn and Stephen Ray Brown. The gang explores a lot of personal favorites, trashes Sinead O’Connor, listens

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FNWGG: Ronnie Van Zant Tribute Edition

Because this is Guitar George, not Lead Singer George or Rock Stars Who Died Too Early George, I am obligated to say: “Check out the wonderful guitar interplay between Alan Collins and Gary Rossington, and pay special attention to Gary’s

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