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Series Preview: Cardinals, July 24-26

The Braves, against all odds and all reason, are coming off of a series win against the Los Angeles Dodgers at home. Unfortunately, things won’t become any easier for the Tomahawkers as they travel to “Bush” Stadium (Home of the

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Evaluating the Braves Offseason Thus Far

It’s almost Christmas, and so far, the moves made by the rebuilt Braves front office haven’t quite been the good tidings we all had hopes for. The biggest concern of most so far has been a seeming lack of direction

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Friday Night with Guitar George: Heyward & Blind Joe Reynolds

Welcome to the Jason Heyward/Blind Joe Reynolds edition of Friday Night With Guitar George. Wait—what does a twenty-first century professional ballplayer have to do with a Depression-era Mississippi Delta musician?  And why are we discussing baseball in the music section

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Robotic Thoughts on Jason Heyward

Jason Heyward - Daniel Shirey/USA TODAY

Friends, this is a difficult post for me to write. Maybe the most difficult one I’ve ever written. Let me cut straight to the chase: I don’t think the Braves should give an extension to Jason Heyward. Let’s collectively take a

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10-57: 2014 Jason Heyward

Today I’m gonna start a new feature called 10-57. The name 10-57 comes from the police code for a hit and run and in this case implies taking a quick and dirty look at something, rather than attempting to go

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