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Did Freddie Freeman Become a Top 10 Ballplayer?

Folks………… we still exist. Since the last time we’ve posted anything Dansby Swanson has been called up, Fat Kemp has been acquired, Ender Inciarte has proven has worth, and the team as a whole has continued to be mostly bad.

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Road to 69: What’s Up with Freddie?

When I first started researching for today’s post, Freddie Freeman was in the midst of one of the worst slumps in his career. It was so bad that for one game Fredi had him batting as far down as 6th

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Batted Balls and Better Data Part I

I’ve previously written about the fact that a batter’s results are a combination of both talent and randomness; therefore, using results alone offers a very incomplete view of a player’s performance. This season, we’ve finally been given access to a couple new data sources

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