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DC Television Podcast 3: Thirsty for Oliver

Bennett, Kyle, John, and Michael Goodell. ENGAGE.

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Diversity Day at Avengers Tower

A big leap forward is coming soon in the genre of comic book movies: Heroes of a diverse background will finally be headlining their own projects on the silver screen. The old joke about Marvel employing three headliners who are

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Touch ’em All: Marvel and DC Checkup (Part 1)

Alright, listen. If you are a frequenter of my Braves General Store writing, you are probably already pleading for me to not take out my anger on DC again. “Nooooooo… Not again Bennett! Why do you always have to argue?”

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Villain for Superman v. Batman Announced… it’s Casting

As I am not yet emotionally prepared to launch a full-on tirade against Superman, I am going to give you a tease of my disdain by talking about his upcoming movie and you know that is gonna be just as

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