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Age of Ultron: A Spoiler Free Plea for Understanding

It’s taken me a long time to write this. It’s not because I had any doubts about how I felt about this movie once I left the theatre the night of the premiere. I was in love with what I

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Marathoning for Avengers: Avengers and Phase 1

Avengers is proof that all good things go to those who pack the biggest punch and have the longest one-shot fight scenes, because this movie is a perfect summation of all that Phase One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was leading

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Marathoning for Avengers: Iron-Man & The Forgettable Hulk

I am a student at Georgia Tech. Last I heard, we have the longest academic calendar in the state of Georgia, maybe the country. I’m not sure, but just know it is something demoralizing. This makes finals week hard for

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Daredevil: A Reconstruction of Superhero Storytelling

[There are no spoilers in this post.] Things have changed. I will not say irrevocably so, but for the time being, things have changed. At 2:59 AM Eastern Time on Friday morning, the landscape of superhero media was very clear.

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Touch ’em All: Marvel and DC Checkup (Part 2)

If you missed Part 1 of Bennett’s Touch ‘Em All with DC updates you can catch that here. I struggled my way through a DC article without throwing in too many unnecessarily bitter digs, so the boss men granted me

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Marvel Plans Leaked: A Look Ahead with Intern Bennett

So, I want to preface this with letting you, the loyal reader know, none of this has been officially confirmed by Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, or the Watcher (that’s for you comic nerds). However, I have reason to believe this

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