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Apropos of Nothing: An Ode to KJ1K

It was the top of the 6th inning. The game was well in hand. Kelly had had no small part in assuring victory, having launched a majestic three run homer two innings ago. That mattered little at the moment, as

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Shoulder Discomfort

“Do you feel any discomfort?” The ballplayer on the doctor’s examining table does not answer. He is sweating. And he is cold. He knows the answer, but he does not say it. Pain and bright lights pulse through his mind.

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Apropos of Nothing: A Story about Jose Constanza

Of all the stories baseball fans swap back and forth over the course of a season, I doubt that many of them center around the name and person of Jose Constanza. No, his name is held out for brief excretions

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Apropos of Nothing: Mike Minor Loses No-Hitter, Questions Meaning of Life

With two outs in the eighth inning, Mike Minor stood atop the mound at Great American Ballpark with no hits marring his otherwise mediocre line for the night. He stood proud, confidently, like so many great Commodores before him. As

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Apropos of Nothing: On Beauty and Juan Francisco

Beauty. It’s a concept bathed in bias and subjectivity. We know it when we see it, yet the very definition of the word is so convoluted and subjective as to render it pointless. Its power is at various times breathtaking,

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