Series Preview: Phillies, September 7 – 9

braves phillies series preview blogAlright, everyone who has actually been watching the Braves consistently lately please raise your hand. Now, unless you’re Mark Bowman or Dayton from Nebraska, please put your hand down and sit in the corner, you dirty liar. How bad have the Braves been lately? Let’s go to The Twitter for our answer.

Ouch, that is simply not good. At this point it seems impossible to tell if the Braves are even trying to win or if they’re just shooting for that number 1 draft pick that comes with the worst record in baseball. We can’t even make the excuse that we’re just trying to flesh out who we have for 2016, because none of the guys who have played lately look to have the talent necessary to ever really compete at the major league level. All we can hope for is that Nick Swisher, Freddie Freeman, and Nick Markakis provide just enough offense to keep me from losing my bet to Dan Simpson. You just think this season is insufferable; imagine how Dan will be if he wins this here wager.

As you likely ascertained from the title of this post, tonight we start a series against the equally horrible Phillies. At the beginning of the year, the Phillies were supposed to be a cynical source of light this season. “Yeah, I mean the Braves really suck this year, but just look at the Phillies! At least we’re not those guys!” Man, good times.

The Phillies lineup has been a little better than the Braves this season, scoring 3.86 runs per game versus 3.56 for us. Their primary contributor, Maikel Franco, has been out lately with a wrist injury, which leaves Andres Blanco’s and Odubel Herrera’s bats and Ben Revere’s legs, as the main offensive threats. And while the rest of baseball doesn’t really have to worry about the man who used to be Ryan Howard, he still somehow finds a way to always return to form against the Braves.

Tonight we’ll see Williams Perez face off against Aaron Harang, followed by either Matt Wisler or a revolving door of relievers against Aaron Nola on Tuesday, and Julio Teheran against Adam Morgan on Wednesday. Besides Julio Teheran, this represents the worst rotation members of the two worst teams in baseball facing off against each other for the next three days. I’d love to say that this could be good news for my aforementioned bet, but when we’re trotting out guys like Daniel Castro, Pedro Ciriaco, and the corpse of Michael Bourn it doesn’t much matter who’s on the mound.

The rest of the season is going to be a 25 game race to the bottom for these two teams, and this series could be a deciding factor in who ends up with that number 1 draft pick. Maybe we should just close our eyes and wait until this whole thing is over.

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