Evenings with Guitar George: February 19, 2021

Welcome back, my friends!

Since the last time we were together a pandemic and some other stuff happened.

But let’s focus on the positive. Our new president has two doges living in the White House, and from all reports they are excellent bois. Keith Richards is still alive. The Braves re-signed Marcell Ozuna. Most importantly, there is always a ton of good music on the interwebs, a small portion of which it is my pleasure to share with you each week.

Born and raised in the rugged mining country of Eastern Kentucky, Tyler Childers brings a distinctive Appalachian flavor to his blend of country, blues and rock. Tyler has the coaly demeanor of someone who at some point had a shotgun aimed at his chest and who also at some point had a shotgun aimed at someone else’s chest.

Tonight’s video features fire and smoke in the lyrics, and fire and smoke from the guitars.

Also recommended: Banded Clovis, Long Violent History, Whitehouse Road.

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