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Did Freddie Freeman Become a Top 10 Ballplayer?

Folks………… we still exist. Since the last time we’ve posted anything Dansby Swanson has been called up, Fat Kemp has been acquired, Ender Inciarte has proven has worth, and the team as a whole has continued to be mostly bad.

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Road to 69: Brad Complacent

The Braves are not going to win 69 games. They’ll be fortunate to make it to 60. Everybody with any sense of reality was expecting this to be a bad season. And yet, the club from Atlanta has managed to

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Road to 69: What’s Up with Freddie?

When I first started researching for today’s post, Freddie Freeman was in the midst of one of the worst slumps in his career. It was so bad that for one game Fredi had him batting as far down as 6th

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Road to 69: Nick Markakis Improvements

Nothing like 9 straight losses to start a season! We’re two weeks into 2016, and 69 wins has already gone from a laughingly likely scenario to a slightly optimistic one. The offense is worse than expected. The defense is worse

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Road to 69: Who is Dan Winkler?

Folks, it is that classic time of the year we all know and love: the official start of the Braves baseballing season! By now we should have all had enough time to recover from that disastrous 2015 affair, during which

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Evaluating the Simmons Trade

Back on November 12, the Braves sent Andrelton Simmons and Jose Briceno to the Angels for Erick Aybar, Sean Newcomb, and Chris Ellis. At the time, I was decidedly meh and unsure about the whole deal. On the one hand,

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BGS’s 2016 Prospect List

We know you love us. We get it. Our writing is top notch, our graphics are pretty, and the only thing about our devil-may-care attitude that you don’t like is the fact that we so rarely manage to put it

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10-57: Kevin Seitzer, One Year In

I’m reviving my old 10-57 series to take a look at the Braves’ new-for-2015 hitting coach, Kevin Seitzer. After scoring the second fewest runs in the MLB during a disappointing 79 win season in 2014, the Braves were looking to shake

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Merry Porzingmas

There are several story lines emerging early this NBA Season. The Warriors might be better than they were last year. The Rockets have become a dumpster fire. The Kings can’t seem to go two months without a players-only meeting. Kobe

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Rope’s 2015 Braves Season ‘Cap

*Sips drank* What’s good, fuckers? Been a long time since I’ve put the ole pen to pad (well, keys to keyboard but you know what the fuck I mean) and today we are going to talk about your 2015 Atlanta

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