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DC Television Podcast 1: COBBLEPOTS Edition

For a long time I thought Bennett was just ignoring the DC Comics’ television universe out of spite, as he’s a giant Marvel fan boy. I was wrong. So very wrong. Bennett Garland. Kyle Norton. John Stewart. And “Special” “Guest”

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Campfire Tales with American Horror Story

Ladies and gents, it’s officially American Horror Story season. Before you go any further, this is not just another show recap. As my editor would agree, I’m much too scatterbrained to devote time to one consistent thing each week, so

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Civil War is Here: Time to Freak Out

Maybe a little overused, but this is the only way I know how to represent my reaction after the announcement that was made by Marvel this weekend. Marvel promised the biggest announcement of 2014 at the New York Comic Con

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Touch ’em All: Marvel and DC Checkup (Part 2)

If you missed Part 1 of Bennett’s Touch ‘Em All with DC updates you can catch that here. I struggled my way through a DC article without throwing in too many unnecessarily bitter digs, so the boss men granted me

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Touch ’em All: Marvel and DC Checkup (Part 1)

Alright, listen. If you are a frequenter of my Braves General Store writing, you are probably already pleading for me to not take out my anger on DC again. “Nooooooo… Not again Bennett! Why do you always have to argue?”

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Villain for Superman v. Batman Announced… it’s Casting

As I am not yet emotionally prepared to launch a full-on tirade against Superman, I am going to give you a tease of my disdain by talking about his upcoming movie and you know that is gonna be just as

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Fall 2014 Media Report: A Look into Upcoming TV and Movies

As the Summer season winds down, that means the end of the Summer blockbuster season and the beginning of TV season. Now, for any of you that know me, this is an exciting time. Movie blockbusters are fantastic, but I

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An Honest Review of Boyhood

I would first like to re-introduce everyone to a good friend, a fellow cinephile, and now contributor to the Braves General Store, David Douglas. We went and saw Boyhood, a movie that is twelve years in the making, and we

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Binge-Watching: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Editors Note: We’d like to introduce you to David Douglas, a good friend of the General Store partners and a grown man with the enthusiasm of a 12-year-old child. He’ll be chiming in with posts on TV, movies, games–basically anything

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Letter to a Hero: Spider-Man

So, after my last post, the cat is out of the bag. I am a big comic book junkie. So, I have no idea if this will be a recurring thing or not, but I really wanna talk some mad

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