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Merry Porzingmas

There are several story lines emerging early this NBA Season. The Warriors might be better than they were last year. The Rockets have become a dumpster fire. The Kings can’t seem to go two months without a players-only meeting. Kobe

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Series Preview: Nationals September 3 – 6th

Well, we’ve reached that point haven’t we. Nobody wants to write these anymore so they reached out to the person with the least baseball knowledge on the blog to write a preview. If you don’t recognize my name, that’s because

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Behold the King

Let me start this off by saying LeBron James was the Finals MVP, but didn’t get it. This does not matter. Finals MVP is just an arbitrary title. We all know who the real MVP: King James recently confirmed this when

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16 Wins: NBA Playoffs Preview

Editor’s Note: We know the playoffs already started. Thanks. The NBA regular season is in the books and holy crap was it a ride. We came in expecting the same old same old. Lebron and the Cavs would dominate. The

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The MADNESS Preview: Sweet Sixteen

I hope you all really enjoyed the first two rounds and aren’t too upset about your brackets being busted! But how fun were those first two rounds? UAB beat Iowa State, and then Georgia State came from behind to beat

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The MADNESS Preview: Round 1

First of all if you want to play along with the BGS Crew join this ESPN League: The password is bgsbracket. Also, I cannot stress enough that this is not a bracket building piece. I’m not here to help you win

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Breaking Down NBA Trade Deadline 2015

This year’s trade deadline was awesome. How crazy were the flurry of deals at the end? I was so hype. Being on twitter during the last hour was insane as speculative deals started flying around. And then at the end when tons

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Coach Bud & Four All-Stars: The 2014-2015 Hawks

If any of you actually put yourself through watching the All-Star Game, you know that Coach of the Year candidate Mike Budenholzer coached an Eastern Conference All-Star team with four Hawks on it. At one point he actually started a

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The CFBRU National Championship Preview:

This is the last game of college football this year. I know, I am sad too. This means I no longer have a weekly piece here on BGS. I’ll try to still contribute here and there, though! Anyway, you don’t

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College Football Round Up’s Bowl Viewing Guide: Part 4

Before we begin, there was a complaint about the amount of GIFs in the last post. In that there weren’t any. Here is Justin Thomas’s juke move from last night, with a close up on the MSU defender for added

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