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Best Albums of 2016: A Collection

This is not the Top 10 Albums of 2016 list; this is the BGS Top 10 Albums of 2016 list. We are not a music reviewing website, and we’ll never pretend to be. We’re simply a group of guys who

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Rope’s 2015 Braves Season ‘Cap

*Sips drank* What’s good, fuckers? Been a long time since I’ve put the ole pen to pad (well, keys to keyboard but you know what the fuck I mean) and today we are going to talk about your 2015 Atlanta

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Series Preview: Mets, August 10-13

BGS is delighted to bring you a special preview for this most special of series. This is no normal guest post. The elite levels of wickedness that the Mets bring to the table demand an elite guest. And we have

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An Uggla, Upton, and Johnson Retrospective

Note: This is another guest post, this time from Brandon, another fellow member of Weird-Braves-Twitter. This post was born from a discussion he and I had which he initiated on The Twitter. Brandon has a great ability to see things from

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A Long-Winded Album Suggestion

I am not going to say that 2012 was the greatest year for music ever. One, I still might be coming down off my 2012 music high, and two, I really don’t want to argue with everybody who would disagree

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