The 500: Episode 12 (390 – 381)

Have you ever opened your inbox and been shocked at a completely unexpected email? That’s me, most every week, as Bennett and Kyle continue to defy expectations and churn through Rolling Stone’s Top 500 albums. This week, they tackle more Dylan, The Who, Henley, Jack White 1, and about 69 hours worth of The Beach Boys.

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390. The White Stripes – Elephant
389. Don Henley – The End of the Innocence
388. Various Artists (From South Africa) – The Indestructible Beat of Soweto
387. Wu-Tang Clan – Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers
386. Steely Dan – Pretzel Logic
385. Bob Dylan – Love and Theft
384. The Who – A Quick One (Happy Jack)
383. Talking Heads – More Songs About Buildings and Food
382. Modern Lovers – Modern Lovers
381. The Beach Boys – Smile

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Spotify Playlist Week 13

  1. Who, it should be noted, is not as good a guitar player as John Mayer

K believes in very few things that don’t adhere to the transcendentalist manifesto prescribed by Henry David Thoreau. He is a stat head who loves numbers and spreadsheets, but after a 7 year fight against the Chip Carrays and Joe Morgans of the world, his online presence has spiraled downward into a depressing series of long-cons and trolls.

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