Series Preview: vs Mets, June 19-21

20150619 METS HEAD

Paul Wilson. Bill Pulsipher. Jason Isringhausen.

Wait. Sorry.

Jacob deGrom. Noah Syndergaard. Matt Harvey.

As we wake up on the morning of June 19th, the New York Mets are still the team atop the woeful National League East. A large part of the success (can you call it that?) has stemmed from their rotation. Many expected the Mets to enter 2015 with one of the best young rotations in baseball—thus my allusion to the big three from two decades ago—and so far that has been the case. The kids are doing work, Bartolo Colon continues to befuddle NL hitters by throwing nothing but 80 mph strikes, and Jon Niese rolls along in the back end. All of this with Zack Wheeler on the shelf for the season. And with Dillon Gee being designated for assignment, the entire staff may be getting a little addition by subtraction, as well.

Then again, the Mets are only five games over .500, and that is in large part thanks to a 20-8 mark against the Braves, Marlins, and Phillies. Also helping their case are some ridiculous home/road splits—they are a ridiculous 26-11 at Citi Field, an embarrassing 10-20 away from Flushing Meadows. The road woes of New York will likely be one of the few things that will play in the Braves favor over the course of the series in Atlanta.

Over on the Braves side, it’s just been more of the same old crap. New faces in, old faces out, newer faces in, other faces out. Doesn’t matter whose name is written on the lineup card or who the call to the bullpen is for, it’s been a cycle of crap into and out of Turner Field. Through 67 games, the Braves have managed to use 21 position players and 22 pitchers. In the past two weeks alone, 11 different pitchers have been used out of the bullpen. And with Peter Moylan likely on the way back from the Lazarus Pit, it doesn’t look like that number is going to stop going up anytime soon. At the rate the bullpen is being turned over, it probably wouldn’t surprise anyone if we looked at our phones one Monday morning and the entire crew had been shipped to Gwinnett en masse.

The Mets are gonna run-out the aforementioned trio for this series, which should be painful to watch as a Braves fan. The Braves are likely going to throw some drunk 19 year-old they find out in the blue lot on Friday night1, then Williams Perez and Julio Teheran to round out Saturday and Sunday.

How much more do you need to know about Atlanta and New York after three prior series previews in the past two months? At some point the Braves are going to play someone other than the NL East and NL West, right? Right? Please God let me be right.


  1. Or maybe Matt Wisler.

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