Series Preview: Mets, September 21-23

So the last Series Preview was Brad’s brilliant video, and the last Mets preview was G.W. Frog’s incredible debut. Tonight we start another series against said Mets, and I honestly have no idea how I’m going to follow up on their work. Bear with me, y’all.

The Braves just finished up a series with the Phillies that could not possibly have been worse. You’re probably thinking, “Wait a minute, didn’t we sweep them?” Yes, we did. And we did it while scoring a grand total of six runs. This means that 1) we lost ground in our race for the number one draft pick and 2) I lost ground on Dan in our wager. Like I said, it could not have been worse.

We continue our wrap-up tour of the division tonight at Citi Field. Game one features Shelby Miller facing off against Jon Niese. Miller has been struggling as of late and has already passed his previous high in innings pitched for a season, so I’m a little apprehensive of what we may see out of him. Tuesday night has Matt Wisler paired up with Logan Verrett. Verrett is just a warm body who’s filling in for a resting Jacob DeGrom, so expect 8 shutout innings from him against us. Finally, Wednesday night will see eating competition contestants Williams Pérez and Bartolo Cólon go at it to see who’s the better mound on the mound. Cólon has only given up either two or three runs in each of his four previous starts against us, and I see no reason why that trend would change this week. So to wrap all of that up, the outlook for that number one pick isn’t too bad, but the outlook for my wager is pretty garbage.

Suffering truly is a universal human experience, but luckily for us this particular trial only has two weeks left. In just two weeks we can be released from this torment and taste the goodness of sunshine again. Let us gather together, join hands, and face the beginning of the end with confidence, endurance, and hope in a brighter future.

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