Series Preview: Marlins, August 31 – September 2

I’m not going to sit here and recap the Yankees series. You were there. You saw it. It was nothing short of horrendous. Let’s just move on.

With our wounds still fresh, the Braves are now set to again face the Marlins. This is a series between teams that are more than 20 games under .500 on the season who have already played one too many times already. And here we are ready to face them again. If you don’t want to watch this series, we totally understand. There really ain’t much to say about it, and there will be other exciting baseball games that matter happening on other networks. It wouldn’t be a break up, just a short break. We totally get it.

Giancarlo Stanton, the face of said Marlins franchise, will not be present in the series. Their other young, exciting outfielder Christian Yelich has been day to day with a knee injury lately. They’re tossing out three random pitchers, none of whom I’ve ever even heard of. While we all know our offense really isn’t much to write home about itself, we at least have a healthy Freddie Freeman and a consistent, if boring, Nick Markakis to provide some sort of foundation for run creation. Not to mention Adonis Garcia and Nick Swisher, who have both been fairly hot as of late. And while we’re not sure who is scheduled to start on Wednesday, we at least have Foltynewicz and Shelby Miller taking the mound on Monday and Tuesday, respectively. It’s by no means a roster of All Stars, but the competition isn’t either. If ever we were poised to finally emerge from this wretched slump, it would be right now. But then again, this is the Barves.


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