Players of the Day: September 4th

Welcome to Day 2 of The Braves General Store’s Players of the Day Sponsored by Norton’s Chevrolet Dealership and Bait Shop. Yesterday had a lot of good baseballing action, including a Brewers loss which puts our Braves in a tie for the second Wild Card spot. Let’s take a look at who stood out.

These are my first gifs ever made, so consider yourself #blest. The one from yesterday was made by Brad, but he lives a busy life and cannot be bothered by daily gif making, so I learned to make do as best as I could. I would say to expect future gifs from me to be better, but I’m making no promises.


This has to go to the one we call Big Papi. Ortiz hit career home runs 462 and 463, putting him in sole possession of 34th place on the career home runs list (33rd on the actual list because Bonds’ home runs don’t count). He is now ahead of Jose Canseco and Adam Dunn and just behind Dave Winfield and Chipper Jones. My favorite of the two home runs was definitely the first, as he started the at bat by faking a bunt. Papi and the Ol’ Captain Jetes shared a quick last laugh before Ortiz got back to business in the box and launched a line drive over the right field wall. The ball came off the bat at 106 mph, traveled 361 feet, and had a peak height of only 48 feet off the ground which tied it for the 11th lowest home run of the season. I love line drive home runs and teams scoring against the Yankees and was eating a delicious chicken fajita while watching it live, so to say it was the greatest moment of my week would be hyperbole but not to the extent you’d think. Here’s the clip:




Chase Headley hit a walk off home run against Koji Uehara for the Evil Empire, and Colby Rasmus hit one of the go-ahead variety against the Rays, but neither of those teams are really in the playoff hunt. The Orioles are going to win the AL East, so while those performances were cool and #clutch and whatever else you wanna call it depending on your narrative, it was a Venezuelan man in downtown Detroit that added the most flavorful spice of the night. I know what you’re saying, and yes, I realize that the Tigers had already taken the lead at that point in the top of the 11th thanks to pinch hit single from Eugenio Suarez (I had to look him up, too). But we’ve been over this, people. Chicks dig the long ball. And that’s exactly what Victor provided to give the Tigers some insurance runs before going on to claim Victor-y (hey-oh!).



Let it be noted that Victor Martinez has been an absolute monster at the plate this year, hitting 29 home runs against only 39 strikeouts. A perfect hitter would draw a lot of walks, limit his strikeouts, hit a ton of line drives, rarely pop up, and crush home runs. By that definition, Victor Martinez has been the most perfect hitter in baseball this season. Congratulations, Vic!

Note: Braves General Store does not post on the weekends, so look for the POTD to return Monday. Enjoy!

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