Players of the Day: September 19th

As I write this, I’m stuck in a boring training class. When this is over, I’ll drive to my typical work location to sit in another boring training class. A great way I’ve found to fight said boredom is to do research for the daily POTD posts. The problem is, yesterday was a boring day in baseball. The Braves didn’t play at all. No one had a two homer day. No team changed places in the standings. Felix Hernandez faced a hungover Angels lineup, but could only muster up a Game Score of 80. Yeah, there were a couple good highlights, but nothing truly incredible. It’s looking like I’m going to spend the rest of the day with Green Day’s Longview stuck in my head until 4:30 finally rolls around.

The collective “they,” casually alluded to when a writer or speaker is too lazy or ignorant to determine the source of a phrase (or when he or she wants to treat a phrase as being common knowledge when, in actuality, it is his or her own opinion), say art should be a personification of a given emotion. The preeminent artist of our generation, Kanye West, once told an interviewer his album 808s and Heartbreak has moments that are purposefully out of tune or irritating or disjointed. The reason he gave was that the album is about a breakup, and breakups are never pretty, clean, or put together. In order to properly capture the emotion of the heartbreak, he had to take the listener to that place in the music. Many complain that it’s hard to listen to, but that is the whole point. Given that Kanye West is a genius, it’s hard to argue with that sort of reasoning when composing art, regardless of form. Yesterday’s day in baseball was boring. This post is art. Therefore, the most artistic action I, the artist, could take in this situation would be to make the post boring, as well. While it may not excite you, please take a moment to actually appreciate the gravity of the statement I’m making and give me as much praise as possible for drawing one step closer to the genius of Mr. West.


Wilin Rosario got four hits, including a game winning homerun. Yay.



Felix Hernandez’s WILL TO WIN allowed Logan Morrison to win the Mariners game by process of contacting a sphere with a cylindrical object. They might see October. Yay.


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