NFL Precap Week 4: Here Come the Rookies

I’ve been told I overreact from time to time. I am unsure if that is true or not but HOLY CRAP THE FALCONS ARE THE BEST TEAM IN THE ENTIRE WORLD AND I HAVE BEEN SINGING THIS SONG FOR THE PAST WEEK:

Oh yea, some other stuff happened this week too.

Let’s go.



I don’t know if much needs to be said about him, but it is clear that he is absolutely dominant. He is arguably the second best receiver in the league and I don’t know if anyone is very upset about trading up for him in the draft anymore. I love watching this kid play. Here’s to hoping he stays healthy because, when he’s on the field, the Falcons will always have a chance to win.



Were we playing the worst team in the league? Probably. Regardless, the defense stepped up in a big way this week. The Bucs and their terrible quarterbacks could do nothing against us. Bobby Rainey was useless until garbage time. This is very different from the 146 yards he put up against us last year. We even recorded our first sack of the season. Way to go, defense, now let’s see if you can do it against anyone besides the Fightin’ Alarm Clocks.


It is now clear that the Bears underutilized Hester in Chicago. He is a special talent that the Falcons are using in creative ways. I, for one, am applauding the front office for this signing as he gives us a chance to score every time he touches the ball. He even shows love to those who keep us safe at football games:

Also, he is apparently faster than a cheetah.

In the end, the Falcons responded to their loss in a huge way, taking out their frustrations on a team that would probably miss the College Playoffs and looking good while doing it. Let’s keep that momentum rolling.


On to non-Falcons related coverage. Just kidding, THE FALCONS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOW- ok, fine I’ll start being reasonable again. My pick after Week 3 is going to remain the same as it was last week: Philadelphia vs. Cincinnati. The Bengals keep taking care of business while Philadelphia keeps find ways to win while not playing defense. Eventually, that will come back to haunt them, but as of right now, this is the match up I’d like to see.

Close behind: Seattle and Arizona. Arizona keeps winning in the opposite way the Philadelphia does: defense. They have been playing with a backup quarterback too. When Palmer returns, they will only be better. Seattle responded to their week 2 hiccup by beating one of the best teams in the league. It took them until overtime to do so, but they still pulled out the win.

This year is shaping up to be much more competitive than last year in that there are no clearly dominant teams. That’s good for football, y’all.


manziel o meter week 3

Tons of action on the Manziel front. The Browns coaching staff really is brilliant. What do you do when you draft the controversial player in the 2014 NFL draft who has been known to be a diva and too big for his britches? Use it to your advantage. The play call was simply “let Manziel act like he always does, we’ll get mad, and then you throw him the ball.” AND IT WORKED. Unfortunately, it was called back due to penalty.

manziel trick play


So here you are, probably pretty desperate, sifting through the free agent pool after missing out on all your waiver claims from the week. Have no fear, I am here to help.

James Starks (RB): Eddie Lacy hasn’t exactly lived up to his preseason hype. It has likely led to a short leash. First person to benefit from that? James Starks. Lacy looks to rebound with a much softer schedule moving forward, but if he comes out of the gate slow this week, he could lose carries to Starks and allow him to become relevant in fantasy. Don’t look for anything spectacular, but a touchdown is not out of the question.


This week was very gif-able. A bunch of cool stuff happened like quarterbacks becoming wide receivers (happened 3 times), receivers becoming quarterbacks (happened at least once), and celebrations leading to torn ACL’s (which I am in full support of, BTW. Sell yourself out for the celebration because it is worth it in the end.) But I finally came to this as Gif of the Week:

What is most impressive is that Dalton makes the grab in traffic and then the Red Rocket soars into the end zone. Trick plays are awesome. Most of them never work.



Jacquizz Rodgers: How could you possibly be average when your team scores 56 points? Surely you would at least have a somewhat remarkable stat line. Nope, not Jacquizz. In fact, since being drafted by the Falcons, he has been nothing short of average. Even when the starting job was his most of last year, he was still average. Jacquizz plays his role while letting people behind him on the depth chart steal his thunder. He is also tiny.

quizz MAPA


Our boy Marquette was back at it again this week and surpassed his performance from last week while not quite getting to week 1 levels.  He finished with 5 on the day and now has 17 total with a projected total of 90 punts on the year.  This is not going to cut it around here.  They do have some fairly tough defenses coming up so look for that number to shoot up. AND he’s in London this week so that’s cool.

raiders punt tracker 17


Last week’s bold predictions:

1. Atlanta’s defense STILL doesn’t record a sack. Very wrong, they got THREE sacks. That’s so many when you look at how bad our defense is.

2. The Jaguars beat the Colts. Haha, whoops

3. The Carolina running back committee combines for over 150 yards rushing vs the Steelers. And they only combined for 42 yards…

THURSDAY GAME: Giants @ Redskins – Both of these teams seemed to find new life in Week 3. The Giants beat the Texans with little trouble along the way and the Redskins narrowly lost to a stellar team in the Eagles. Kirk “My New Fantasy Quarterback” Cousins seemed to elevate the Redskins to a new level. He’s a great fit for their offense and I believe if the current regime sticks around Cousins’ play could lead to an RGIII trade. I love RGIII but he just doesn’t seem to fit in Washington. On the other side of the ball, Eli has seemed to find a bit of a rhythm after stumbling out of the gate. Not ready to say that either team is going to perform well moving forward, but I think Washington has a clear edge in this one, especially being at home. Look for it to be a much more exciting game than in weeks past. My Prediction: Redskins 24, Giants 17

GAME OF THE WEEK: Saints @ Cowboys –  This match up puts two teams who have disappointed thus far this season against one another. The Saints have a good offense, as always, but for some reason have gotten off to a slow start. Their defense, which was widely heralded as wonderful in the preseason, has vastly underperformed. Tony Romo is Tony Romo; therefore, I literally have no idea what the Cowboys’ offense will do as he can be the best quarterback in the league or he can throw 5 interceptions. The jury is out. The Cowboys’ defense is the Swiss cheesiest of them all. Look for Jimmy Graham to run wild on them while Romo somehow keeps up. This ones a barn-burner. My prediction: Cowboys 34, Saints 28


1. Teddy Bridgewater struggles in his first start against a re-energized Falcons defense.

2. Blake Bortles leads his team to a win over San Diego.

3. Eddie Lacy FINALLY has a good fantasy performance.

BONUS: The fans in London will be very confused and cheer for everything that happens.


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