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Editor’s Note: Today is the first post in our home and garden section. This section will be handled by the mother of our own srbrown70. Research has suggested that home and garden sections are a great way to attract chicks, and as noted by noted Twitter notary Harris King, we’re just doing this for the chicks.

When Dave and I married, almost 28 years ago, I had many house plants.  Friends and I would exchange cuttings to root, and to be quite honest, I have been known to pinch off a piece of a plant at an office building, doctor’s office, or store.  During our pre-children stage I had quite a lot of plants.  Then we found out I was pregnant.  At that time, 1988, doctors warned about the dangers of house plants with children because so many house plants are poisonous if a child were to taste/eat them.  Wanting to be a wonderful new mother who made everything safe I gave away all of my plants.  I must point out that I didn’t have any cabinet protectors, socket protectors, or any other protectors recommended today, but I did rid myself of “poisonous” house plants.  We even joked that our children wouldn’t put their finger in a light socket but once, and my husband actually once tossed our first born into a ceiling fan.

Skip forward six years, 1994, and we now have three children.  My love of plants had not gone away, so we had a beautiful vegetable garden that the children could help work in, learn about plants, and hopefully not die doing it.  At that time we lived in downtown Montgomery, AL, and most of our backyard was vegetable garden.  We even had friends that brought their children over to learn about gardening.  It was so exciting seeing a child’s face light up as the seed they had planted then sprouted and later produced edible food.  No one died during this time and no one was injured working in the garden.

Like plants, children grow up; unlike plants, children leave home.  The first one left for college in 2007, and I went to work. I had to have something to do since my children no longer needed me; gardening had become a thing of the past, and I still had not introduced my children to “poisonous” house plants.  I did have one plant that was given to me during an illness in 1999, but no one paid it much attention, and at that point I didn’t think one of them would want to eat our only house plant (On a side note, I still have that plant, pictured below.  It was revived by mostly a root a year ago).  Our oldest permanently left the nest in March 2009 when she married.  Then our middle child leaves for college in August 2009.  I continued working and found myself working more and more hours trying to fill the void.


Then in March 2012 life as I know it changed drastically.  I had my second back surgery and found out that I have permanent nerve damage and severe osteoporosis. I was now limited in what I could do, which included not sitting for any length of time, so working was now out of the question.  I was cut back just like you would prune a plant.  I could wilt away, or I could sprout new life in new directions.  So I decided to return to my love of plants.  I realized that I couldn’t handle plant and flower beds, as it requires bending, kneeling, etc., so back to potted and house plants I have returned.  My carport/porch is covered, and they are all over inside the house.  Once again I have gotten these plants from purchases, friends and snipping some off other plants and rooting them.  I took a trip to Florida with my parents and brought plants back with me; some were cuttings to root, some plants dug from friends and family members yards and some from a nursery where my cousin works.  The car was loaded before the plants, so we got to ride back in what seemed like a moving jungle.

It seems now as each child leaves the nest I acquire more plants.  As time goes on I will introduce my plants to you along with stories about them. Yes, my plants have personalities of their own and have stories to share.  I haven’t started naming them yet, so no need for anyone to report me to the local psychiatric facility.  We do have one grandchild thus far, but I will cover the sockets and teach her not to eat the plants.

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