Friday Night with Guitar George: Episode 100


Welcome, my friends, to the one hundredth edition of FNWGG and the final regular installment in the series. I won’t call this the last edition ever, because I might want to do a special edition from time to time as circumstances warrant.

For the 100th episode I will not offer some cheesy retrospective or a philosophical essay about the transcendent value of live music; I will instead offer a video that epitomizes the basic premise of FNWGG, which is to showcase live musical performances that feature exceptional guitar play.

For my swan song video I have chosen a twenty minute, three-song medley by Drivin N Cryin recorded in March 2015. Somewhere in heaven there is a room in which this video is being played on a continuous loop, and at least once a day God stops in the doorway and nods his head approvingly.

The guitar work in this video is absolutely stellar, with Warner Hodges on lead and DNC front man Kevn Kinney on rhythm guitar. Midway through the proceedings DNC alum Sadler Vaden joins in and the guitar playing reaches even greater heights. But it is not just the string and fret work that makes this performance so good—the interaction between the musicians is engaging as well, and the song selection is top shelf.  I can think of no better way to conclude the one-hundredth edition than with a live rendition of “Honeysuckle Blue.” It truly doesn’t get much better than that.

Come with me,
I’ll show you where the dogwoods bloom, it’s true
Lost and found and lost again
To the honeysuckle blue

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