Friday Night with Guitar George: Wednesday/Thanksgiving Edition

Welcome to a special Wednesday night pre-Thanksgiving edition of FNWGG.
As we enter the holiday season it is time to remind ourselves that in the end, nothing matters but family and friends. Here is Gregg Allman with a few of his friends in a video you can share with your family.

I love Zac Brown’s demeanor in this performance.  He is clearly excited to be in such esteemed company, but he does not allow his ebullience to prevent him from giving the song–and the man a few feet to his right, who wrote the song–the respect they so richly deserve. Whether you like country or rock or blues or any combination thereof, it is pretty hard not to like this song. There is an unexpected treat at 3:19 to 4:04, which I hope all of you enjoy as much as I do.

I will “see” you again Friday December 5.  Until then, please treasure your time with family and friends and have a SAFE and happy Thanksgiving.

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