Friday Night with Guitar George – Stevie Ray Vaughan

To be honest, there are “better” versions on Youtube of Stevie Ray Vaughan playing “Voodoo Chile”—less grainy, and more musically precise.  But this one is my favorite, because it captures the sheer energy of a SRV performance and the raw power of this song.  Of particular note is the second verse: I just love the pregnant pauses and facial contortions between each line.  And the plug for Jerry’s Kids at the end is priceless.

Hope you enjoy!!

Dirty Dave Brown (@GuitarGeorge9) is a 30-60 year old man, and the father of our very own Stephen Brown. He has a tremendous fear of cats, which precludes him from learning how to internet. Dave was an English major, and is far too smart for his own good. He is currently living a secluded life away from bothersome things like computers, the Hustle, and the Grind. He is the creator of the weekly Friday Night with Guitar George column and a purveyor of all things good.

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