Friday Night with Guitar George: Steve Winwood Edition

Some resumes are impressive for their brevity. Mick Jagger: Singer, Rolling Stones. Elizabeth: Queen, United Kingdom. Mariano Rivera: Relief Pitcher, New York Yankees.

Then there are resumes that are impressive for their length and/or their diversity. Leonardo DaVinci, Theodore Roosevelt, Bartolo Colon.

Steve Winwood falls into the latter category. For that very reason, I won’t bore you with the details, other than to mention that one of the highlights on Mr. Winwood’s resume is a little band he put together in 1969 called Blind Faith. Their guitarist was a dude named Eric Clapton. You may have heard of him. Blind Faith only recorded one studio album, but it lived up to the reputation of the band’s members, and remains an enjoyable listen. (Although I have not verified this, I assume it is included on The 500.) Blind Faith was not the first, nor the last, time that Winwood’s and Clapton’s paths crossed. They have remained friends for decades, and Winwood is a frequent guest at Clapton concerts, including the 2010 Crossroads Festival at which they teamed up for this impressive performance of “Dear Mr. Fantasy”, a jewel from Steve’s days with Traffic, another salient bullet point of the aforementioned Winwood resume.

Clapton gonna be Clapton, so we are not surprised by things like 2:13 to 3:15. But Steve is better known as a vocalist and keyboardist, so what happens from 4:28 forward is an unexpected treat. Both these guys on the same stage together is not unlike Juan Uribe and Chris Johnson being on the same professional baseball team.

Next week we will return to the Delta Blues Series and check in with a guy who got to see Robert Johnson before and after his legendary visit to The Crossroads.

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