Friday Night with Guitar George: Snowy White Edition


The beauty of conducting “research” for the weekly FNWGG piece is that I am constantly coming across people and things that I had never heard of before but certainly warrant my attention. This week is a perfect example: while looking for something completely unrelated, I stumbled upon some videos of an extremely talented guitarist with whom I was not familiar, in spite of his impressive resume.

Terence Charles “Snowy” White is a British guitarist who was once a member of Thin Lizzy, toured extensively with Pink Floyd during their Animals and The Wall tours, then continued to tour and record with Floyd front man Roger Waters after Pink Floyd broke up. White has also recorded and performed with other musical luminaries including Fleetwood Mac founder and guitarist extraordinaire Peter Green, with whom White has had a lifelong friendship. Oh, and by the way, White has also produced a very respectable body of solo work with his band, White Flames..

In most of his solo work, White plays in a bluesy, understated fashion as in this performance of his 1983 UK hit single “Bird of Paradise”, and this performance of “Midnight Blues”, whose lyrics, vocals and guitars all live up to the song’s title. But White is also capable of rocking out, as we see in this video taken during White’s tenure with Thin Lizzy, and here we see White wailing away with lefty Doyle Bramhall as they perform the coda of “Comfortably Numb” during a Roger Waters concert.

In tonight’s featured video, we hear Snowy White nicely bending the strings in a cover of the aforementioned Peter Green’s “Looking for Somebody”, a song Green wrote and recorded for Fleetwood Mac’s very first album in 1968.

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