Friday Night With Guitar George: Samantha Fish – Killing Floor

Who says white girls can’t sing the blues or bend the guitar strings?  Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Samantha Fish!  Now, please don’t come back at me with, “She ain’t no Bonnie Raitt.”  Slash ain’t no Eric Clapton, and Rihanna ain’t no Aretha Franklin either, so get over yourselves and just watch the video and enjoy it.

In all fairness and honesty, there are several videos of Samantha on Youtube, and some are admittedly better than others.  There are well-intentioned covers of “Wild Horses”, “Dead Flowers”, and “In My Time of Dying.”  Bless her heart.  But there are plenty of very solid performances as well, including “Heartbreaker”, “Go To Hell”, and my personal favorite “Drinking Muddy Water.”

Tonight’s video was filmed at Callahan’s Music Hall in Auburn Hills Michigan, which happens to be right down the road from Braves General Store co-founder srbrown70’s new home.  Next time I go to visit, I fully expect us to pay Callahan’s a visit.  Which brings me to the larger point here: maybe Samantha Fish isn’t Bonnie Raitt, but if you can hop in your car, make a ten minute drive, pay a modest cover charge, and then be sipping a beverage at a table that is fifteen feet away from live blues music, what better way to spend an evening?

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