Friday Night with Guitar George: Samantha Fish Edition


After taking a week off for the first time since BGS started eighteen months ago, I figured I better come back to work with something strong. I have been saving up this little jewel for just such an occasion.

Samantha Fish is no stranger to Guitar George. She was featured in a very early edition of FNWGG, and just recently she and Sadie Johnson were shaking a Black Cat Bone for the Halloween 2015 editionIn the year and a half since I first discovered Samantha, dozens of new videos of her have surfaced on YouTube, and she almost never disappoints. In addition to a well-seasoned repertoire of smoking cover versions, Samantha now has a solid catalog of her own compositions, including the song featured in tonight’s video.

This rousing live outdoor performance of “Gone for Good” would be impressive enough on a Fender Telecaster, but Samantha rocks it out on a modified gasoline can, ladies and gentlemen. It would not surprise me one bit if I found out her slide was cut from the exhaust manifold of a ’68 Pontiac. As you enjoy this barn-burning blues rocker, please don’t be like Random Blue Shirt Guy in the background—pour some gasoline on your air guitar and set your blues groove on fire.

Editor’s Note: @GuitarGeorge9 learned of Scott Weiland’s death too late to write a piece that would do proper justice. Next week’s FNWGG will be a Weiland tribute edition.


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