Friday Night with Guitar George: Rolling Stones Live in Texas 1978

Tonight’s edition of FNWGG is to honor the birthday of one Michael Philip Jagger, who turned 71 last Saturday.  Because this is Guitar George, not Lead Singer George, I had to find a video in which Mr. Jagger is actually playing guitar. This short but smokin’ performance is from the 1978 Some Girls Tour, during which Mick strapped on a Stratocaster for several songs at each concert.  He doesn’t exactly evoke awe and amazement—he riffs a chord or two every now and then—but Keith and Ronnie provide plenty of Guitar George-worthy licks behind him.  In fact, the Richards/Wood physical interaction, musical interplay, and spirited backup vocals were the highlights of that tour.  Feel free to search Youtube for other performances from the same tour, including blistering renditions of “When the Whip Comes Down” and “Jumping Jack Flash.”

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