Friday Night with Guitar George: Rip This Joint Edition


Every once in awhile I like to throw a performance out there that doesn’t require much explanation and doesn’t compel me to embark on philosophical ramblings about how Mississippi blues changed the course of human history.

This is just such an occasion.  What you see is what you get with this one, and what you get is pretty damn good.  One of the Stones’ loudest, fastest, hardest songs being covered by a band with enough bravado to do it justice. Most saxophonists don’t even try to cover Bobby Keys, but this guy does a very admirable job, and Billie Joe Armstrong clearly understands the ninety-to-nothing conviction it takes to deliver the goods, but my biggest hero here is Tre Cool, the drummer.  Check him out.

If this performance doesn’t wake yer ass up, then someone might want to call the authorities.

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