Friday Night with Guitar George: Pett Crow Edition


There was a period of time during the nineties when my three favorite musical artists were Black Crowes, Counting Crows, and Cheryl Crow. No lie. I was all about some crow. Then two decades went by and there were no new crows to crow about. All that changes now. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Pett Crow, a promising trio of blues musicians, two of whom are siblings and all of whom are mere teenagers.

Seventeen-year-old lead singer and guitarist Wesley Crow and his sixteen-year-old sister, bassist Julia Crow, met their fifteen-year-old drummer Brandon Pettiford at a band competition. That’s pretty neat. They have already recorded two albums, they write their own material in addition to covering blues standards and they have a website at That’s pretty neat too. If you think they are young now, check out this brief clip from 2011 (wut?) when they were playing a prestigious gig at the nineteen-mile marker of a marathon in their hometown of Columbus Ohio. One year later they had moved up to playing the Lexington Blueberry Festival. In 2013 we find them playing the Columbus Brews, Blues and BBQ. At their ages and at that pace, by their mid-twenties they will be playing Carnegie Hall and Fillmore East.

In this video from 2014 they are performing one of their own compositions, “Apology On My Tab” at a music festival in Michigan, and in tonight’s feature video, Pett Crow is doing a very nice cover of Robert Johnson’s “Stones In My Passway” at the Creekside Jazz and Blues Festival in Ohio.

These youngsters have plenty of talent, and as they refine their skills and as Wesley’s voice matures, they will only get better. I am not suggesting that they are the next Cream, but I do foresee plenty of success in their future, and hopefully one day you will be able to say that you saw them first right here on FNWGG.

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