Friday Night with Guitar George: Miranda Lambert, New Strings

With trepidation and anxiety I sat down to write this week’s FNWGG.  So many clever and well-written posts on Braves General Store this week, I was afraid that I would not be able to attain a comparable level of hashbrown content (isn’t that what you kids call it?)  So intimidated was I by this moral dilemma, I decided that rather than attempting to write an intro of commensurate literary merit, I would instead try to choose a sublime guitar performance that would compensate for my ordinary shoes (that’s an obscure Paul Simon reference).

All of that having been said, a private family matter has arisen that trumps all my self-serving braggadocio.  Today has been a difficult day for my lovely daughter.  She might be grown and gone and married and has a daughter of her own now, but she is still my Little Princess, and tonight’s FNWGG video is dedicated to her.  She is metaphorically looking for a new set of strings for her trustworthy, reliable, dependable allegorical guitar.  When she does get her new strings, there’s some folks in South Alabama that just might get a wheelbarrow full of hashbrown content to chew on.

In the interest of technical accuracy, this song DOES qualify for Guitar George because it is (a) about a guitar–DUH, and (b) although buried in the mix, there is some nice steel guitar going on in the background.

And so, tonight’s performance is dedicated to my Princess (who, by the way, is prettier than Miranda Lambert) and if anyone has a problem with it you can kiss my ass, provided you survive the hashbrown ass-whoopin’ srbrown70 will lay on you to defend his sister.

This is for you, sweetheart.  #newstrings

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