Friday Night with Guitar George: Mick Taylor Edition

Last week we featured a flamboyant black American, so this week we are going to counter with a low key white Englishman.

Last week we had some colorful, flashy videos. This week we have no video, just a hand written note (presumably penned by whoever posted this song to YouTube) which tells us that we don’t need no stinkin’ video, “JUST LISTEN.”

The singer is an obscure, modestly talented woman who doesn’t quite have the pipes necessary to belt out the vocals the way the singer of the original did, but that point is moot because this performance is all about the guitar, which is played by the same guy who played the original.

Although this guitarist has a lengthy and impressive resume, he is best known for the work he did during his six year tenure with a certain British blues rock band, whose song is being covered in tonight’s featured video. I could go on and on about this performance and point to several time stamps of particular note, but that isn’t really necessary. We simply need to heed the advice of the note and just listen.

If you happen to like this pairing of vocalist and guitarist, and want to hear them perform something a little softer, then check out their cover of another song by the guitarist’s former employer, or go here for the beautiful original in all its glory, spliced together with a seven minute piece of tape (thankfully rescued from the cutting room floor), in which the engineer leaves the machine on while the guitarist, pianist, and drummer go all studio improv and end up painting a gorgeous musical landscape.

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