Friday Night with Guitar George: Independence Day 2015 Edition


To honor the anniversary of America’s independence, what could be more American than Elvis Presley singing “America the Beautiful” along with a montage of photos of Americana interspersed with photos of the King?

However, because you come here for the guitar, I bring you Metallica and I bring you Satriani, and in tonight’s featured video: I bring you Saul Hudson, aka Slash.

God bless America indeed.


Dirty Dave Brown (@GuitarGeorge9) is a 30-60 year old man, and the father of our very own Stephen Brown. He has a tremendous fear of cats, which precludes him from learning how to internet. Dave was an English major, and is far too smart for his own good. He is currently living a secluded life away from bothersome things like computers, the Hustle, and the Grind. He is the creator of the weekly Friday Night with Guitar George column and a purveyor of all things good.

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