Friday Night with Guitar George: Gone Fishing


Welcome to the ninety-ninth edition of Friday Night with Guitar George, the next-to-last regular post in the series.

During my hundreds of hours searching the internet to get material for FNWGG, my two favorite discoveries were R. L. Burnside and Samantha Fish. An old black man and a young white woman who share a passion for the blues.

Here is R. L. Burnside performing his song “Poor Black Mattie.”

Here is Samantha Fish covering “Poor Black Mattie.”

If I were to do another one hundred episodes of FNWGG, about forty-seven of them would feature Burnside and/or Fish, and I would start with this video: eight and a half minutes of a simmering cauldron atop smoldering embers. Pot starts boiling over about five minutes in.

Regular readers of the blog will recognize tonight’s featured video as the same from the December 4, 2015 edition of FNWGG. I make no apologies for featuring it again tonight. This is live blues at its finest—raw and powerful, packed with energy that borders on frenzy and with passion that borders on hysteria. Which is precisely what we want from live blues, isn’t it?

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