FNWGG: Foghorn Leghorn Edition

Sorry folks, I had a minor setback this week that prevented me from finishing the piece I had planned for tonight’s episode of Guitar George.  However, as Foghorn Leghorn used to say “I always keep my feathers numbered, for just such an emergency.” Or, to put it in baseball parlance, as BGS writers are wont to do: I have gone to the bench for a last minute pinch hitter.  Tonight’s pinch hit/numbered feather is R.L. Burnside’s “Poor Black Mattie”, referenced in this March 6 episode.

Two quick notes about the video: the old guy to Burnside’s right, who drops a couple of inaudible but apparently funny quips, is Johnny Woods, who could quite possibly appear in a future FNWGG.  Secondly, just when you think R.L. is going to play the same two riffs over and over for the entire three minutes, he drops 1:27 to 1:36 on you, and for good measure he throws 2:09 to 2:23 at you.
Don’t ever doubt Foghorn Leghorn or R.L. Burnside.

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