Friday Night with Guitar George: Era – Ameno

This week’s installment of FNWGG comes to us courtesy of my son William, younger brother of Braves General Store co-founder sbrown70.  William was once referred to by a high school classmate as a “musical savant”—probably due in large part to his disturbing impressive familiarity with random songs such as this one.  Who says a Gregorian Chant with Pseudo-Latin lyrics cannot have a bone-chilling guitar solo?  At 1:17 you get an appetizer, then at 2:21 you get the main course.  The guitar is played by French composer Eric Levi, who created Era, the musical project from which this song is taken.  Viva la France!!

Dirty Dave Brown (@GuitarGeorge9) is a 30-60 year old man, and the father of our very own Stephen Brown. He has a tremendous fear of cats, which precludes him from learning how to internet. Dave was an English major, and is far too smart for his own good. He is currently living a secluded life away from bothersome things like computers, the Hustle, and the Grind. He is the creator of the weekly Friday Night with Guitar George column and a purveyor of all things good.

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