Friday Night with Guitar George: Blues Lesson with RL Burnside

I absolutely love this video.  R.L. Burnside showing Dave Stewart how he changes his guitar tuning for this one song.  Check out Burnside’s facial expressions as Stewart starts catching on, and when Stewart nails the one riff at 1:48 Burnside’s reaction is priceless.
This video serves as a perfect allegory of how young white men in London and Liverpool England, Lubbock Texas, and Macon Georgia studied the music of black blues guitarists from Chicago and the Mississippi Delta.  First these boys taught themselves the chords, then memorized (and soon performed) many of the songs, then they began producing their own variations of the basic blues themes and developed what we now know as blues rock.
This will be a recurring theme in the coming weeks.  Six months of Guitar George and I STILL haven’t featured Muddy Waters or Robert Johnson or Elmore James or many other blues pioneers without whom Guitar George would not exist.  And who wants to live in a world like that?
Happy New Year to all of you who check in with George every week.  Please keep stopping by because I have a lot of good material lined up for your 2015 listening pleasure.

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