Evenings with Guitar George: March 4, 2021

This past Monday @srbrown70 celebrated his 30th birthday. There was a time when many of us feared that Stephen would spend his 30th birthday huddled around a trash fire in a dark, sketchy alley on the south side of Detroit. Fortunately however, Stephen met @shelbylsutton and she saved him from careening toward such a tragic fate.

I’m pretty sure that if Stephen and Shelby had decided to become folk musicians instead of automotive engineers, they would bear close resemblance to this week’s featured artist, Dogtooth and Nail. This couple hails from Portland, Oregon, which is all you need to know in terms of background info. Tonight’s video is a cleverly edited spot in which the couple plays interesting variants of traditional stringed instruments. It probably would have qualified on its own merits, but the prominently featured dog clinched the deal.

Also recommended: Ruins.

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