Evenings with Guitar George: February 26, 2021

Ok, last week NASA’s Perseverance probe landed safely on Mars, which means we now have THREE robot dune buggies driving themselves around on the surface of another planet, picking up rocks and stuff, snapping cool photos, taking videos, emailing spreadsheets to @srbrown70 with fWAR and wOBA stats for every player on the Martian baseball team. We can build highly sophisticated space equipment, but the copy machine at my work will spit and cuss for ninety seconds before coughing out one barely legible copy with the inevitable black splotches all over it.

Meanwhile, Lilly Hiatt just makes music. Really, really good music. So good in fact, her latest album, Walking Proof, landed in the top spot of the aforementioned @srbrown70’s list of favorite albums of 2020, ranking above an album titled Just Like Moby Dick and a Sturgill Simpson album with a dadgum TRACTOR on the cover!

Tonight’s featured video is a live-in-studio performance of Living Proof‘s opening track, which Lilly wrote for her sister Georgia Rae. It is a warm testament to the unique bonds shared by siblings, with small details serving as sisterly “codes” for shared experiences.

Also recommended: Trinity Lane, Walking Proof.

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