DEADPOOL. Or: Fox Read My Post; They Responded Valiantly

So, I held my fanboy at bay for as much as I could in my Marvel post, but I can’t contain it any longer! Not after the announcement that Fox made yesterday. Not only will X-Men: Age of Apocalypse be released in 2016, but Fox also plans on releasing a Deadpool movie on February 12, 2016. This is nothing more than a post to simply celebrate this wondrous news. Speculation will come later on, as we find out more about what this movie will entail. However, today is a day of joy!

Why Now?

Fox has owned the rights to this character for years, and ever since X-Men Origins was created, fans have been pleading for a more accurate representation of the Merc with a Mouth. A script has been in the work for years, and it seems like it is the only thing that Ryan Reynolds ever talks about. I had become resigned to the idea that the movie would never be made, due to the inevitable struggle with the rating, story, and universal implications. However, the interwebs have prevailed. Yes, you who are particularly skilled in the way of the internet have lead a charge to bring this movie into existence. The ball really started moving after Comic Con 2014. Deadpool test footage that was created a few years ago was released, and it took the comic book world by storm.


Ever since that video, people have been pleading more than ever for a Deadpool movie, and now it is happening. Not only is it happening, but massive names are being attached to the project. The current script has been primarily developed by the writers of Zombieland, and the director who will bring Wade Wilson to life is Tim Miller, the genius behind Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. That is all the news attached to this project so far, and I am completely satisfied with that. Now, enjoy some of Deadpool’s shenanigans that have won him the internet.

deadpool1 deadpool2


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