College Football Round Up’s Bowl Viewing Guide: Part 3

Editor’s Note: Kyle wrote this before it was noted Golson wouldn’t start. Go laugh at him.

So, I know I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I just got really tired of previewing crappy bowls. But the fun ones are finally starting! So far there have been like maybe 6 or 7 watchable bowls. I am honestly surprised the number is as high as it is. #HOTTAKEALERT, I think we have too many bowls. I love football, but dang some of these games were tough to look at. We could cut off like 10 of these and bowl season would be so much better. But everyone makes money so, I guess we are just gonna get 3 to 4 new bowls a year and more teams with losing records competing to see who can be less of a dumpster fire. Well on to the question at hand, which is, “should you watch football?” With the level of competition rapidly improving the answers are going to become more positive.

Bowl: Music City Bowl

Teams: LSU vs Notre Dame

Time: 3:00 PM on Tuesday

Most Compelling Reason to Watch: LSU’s defense is one of the best in the country. This is nothing new, as Les Miles is one of the best defensive minds in the country. They rank 11th overall in defensive f/+, so it’s no wonder that Miles got considered for every big job opening that popped up this off season. Michigan fans continue to hold out hope that Miles will come back to their program. He turned down the offers this time, but Michigan fans have to happy with their haul in Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh has been largely successful in his previous jobs at college and the pro level. But he couldn’t win the Superbowl and will part ways with the Niners because of it. However, his accomplishments at Stanford can’t be overlooked. He took the Cardinal from a team that fluctuated from mediocre to very bad, and turned them into a perennial powerhouse.

Should You Watch: Yes, you should. Sorry I went off on a tangent in the previous paragraph. Another reason you should watch is seeing if Everett Golson can crack this defense. Golson has been one of the best quarterbacks in the nation this year putting up almost 3400 passing yards and 37 all-purpose touchdowns. He is a play maker and at times looks absolutely brilliant. However, he does make quite a few mistakes. If Golson shows up to play this should be a fun and interesting game. If not, well LSU is probably going to win. LSU is a much better team, so you should know pretty early on if this is going to be a good game or not. I’d still recommend watching, though

Bowl: Belk Bowl

Teams: UGA vs Lousiville

Time: 6:30 PM on Tuesday

Most Compelling Reason to Watch: Two top 20 teams playing a game! This is the first time two ranked teams are facing off this bowl season. This is much watch TV, as the Bulldogs top 10 offense faces off against the Cardinals top 5 defense. On the other side of the ball, it’s a little more one-sided. The Lousiville offense is not good, but it’s above average, however the Georgia defense is pretty good. The Cardinals might be over matched on that side of the ball and will have to rely heavily on their shutdown defense to stop Nick Chubb and the Bulldog offense.

Should You Watch: YES YES YES!!! OH GOD YES! This is fantastic match up. I have drooled all season over Lousiville’s defense and Georgia’s offense. The only thing that makes me sad is that Todd Gurley will not be involved. I miss my boy Gurley already. But Chubb has been fantastic, and he actually played against better competition the average defensive F/+ for Gurley was 65, while Chubb’s average dF/+ was 55. Chubb might be better than Gurley. We will see how Chubb does against this Louisville defense, but if he can handle it like Gurley dominated Clemson (the top defense in the NCAA, according to F/+ rankings). My bold prediction is that this will be best game so far. Watch this one for sure.

Bowl: Foster Farms Bowl

Teams: Stanford vs Maryland

Time: 8:00 PM on Tuesday

Most Compelling Reason to Watch: Stephon Diggs, a possible second round pick in the draft this year and a talent at the wide receiver position. He is very skilled and can make big plays like this. Oh yeah, and you may remember this amazing catch from a few years back. He could do something amazing in this game.

Should You Watch: No, this game is bad. It will ruin the good game taste from earlier. I just want this to be over so the next couple of games can happen. Also, you are watching all of the New Years bowls, that is non-negotiable. You will watch good college football, and you will like it! Also, you hopefully have work off, so just relax for two days and watch a ton of great football. Pretend like this game never happened and carry the good vibes you get from the Belk Bowl all the way through New Years day! Have a happy New Year readers, and here’s to hoping your 2015 is much better than your 2014!

Kyle is a student at Georgia Tech and has taken it upon himself to rewrite his own bio. He has a ton of #HOTSPORTSTAKES and general sports thoughts floating around in his head. It is good that he now has this blog to express those thoughts instead of rambling about them to random strangers on the street. Kyle loves basketball and football and baseball and all other sports. His unedited articles are a grammatical nightmare for K.

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