College Football Round Up Week 4

Finally we are into the meat of the college football season! Conference play is about to start and there is actually good football being played! And it was another wild and crazy week. There were upsets, close calls, record breaking performances, and successful Hail Marys. Oh, and Jameis Winston did stupid but meaningless things, that pissed off old white people (Mel Kiper). Just watch as Mel gets that lion’s mane he calls his hair ruffled by a college guy being a college guy. This is the most ferocious I have ever seen Mel; I was legitimately concerned he might have a heart attack. You can watch the video here, because apparently ESPN tried to magic it away not realizing that the internet is forever. But after searching much longer than I should have AOL came through for me.

kiperAnyway enough of Kiper hating on Jameis, and thinking he actually has power over his draft stock with his stupid arbitrary big board. Onward to college footballs!

GIF of the Week

Honorable Mention: Greg Pyke and Sony Michel, UGA – Everyone has those days when they just need a little help from their friends. Saturday was no exception, as Sony Michel needed a little pick-me-up from his good friend Greg Pyke. Sony Michel is struggling on this run, so Greg shows up in a big way and carries him into the endzone. We have a really touching Samwise Gamgee “I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you moment.” Can we just relive that quickly? God, that scene was so freaking awesome. Go ahead and compare and contrast this play with this clip. Sure, one was a touching scene with the fate of all things good in the balance, and one is a single touchdown in a 66 – 0 beat down of a Sunbelt school, but I think there might be few similarities here.

uga carry 2Ok so they are nothing alike, and I am just a huge Lord of the Rings nerd. You found out my secret, are you happy now?

Honorable Mention: Dak Prescott, Mississippi State – Please give a rousing CFRU welcome to Dak Presoctt, who joins the Johnny Football Memorial Extremely GIF-able player club. He also joins Marcus Mariotta in this extremely prestigious and exclusive club, that I just made up. Hey, making GIF of the Week twice is a big accomplishment! Anyways, Dak had a fantastic showing in an upset of LSU, featuring this particularly impressive run. He stiff arms one defender, presumably saying, “Sit down little boy!”, and then jukes out another defender and dives for the touchdown.

dak heisman 2

WinnerJames Quick, Louisville – This catch is amazing, and almost as impressive as Quick’s ability to stay in bounds here. He makes an extremely tough grab over a defender and then keeps both feet in by about an inch, turns around and runs all the way to endzone for one impressive touchdown. I thought about making a “Quick” pun here, but it just seemed like low-hanging fruit that would diminish the value of the following GIF. Enjoy.

louisville final final

Game of the Week

Honorable Mention: MSU 34 – #8 LSU – Dak Prescott and this Bulldog team came into Death Valley with something to prove on Saturday and they made their point very clear. Mississippi State is for real this year. Yes, you just read those words, now please stop laughing. LSU, who already didn’t look fantastic in the first three games, came out flat, and a hungry MSU team came out and beat them on their own field. The Bulldogs got out to a hot start and never let go of the lead. They survived a fourth quarter comeback attempt by Les Miles’s Tigers. The MSU defense looked stellar–especially their run defense, which only gave up 38 yards to star running back Leonard Fournette–and came up with a key stop on fourth and goal. This program looks infinitely better than it did last year.


Honorable Mention: #22 Clemson 17 – #1 FSU 23 (OT) – This was FSU’s first real challenge of the season, and they had to face it without Heisman winner Jameis “Suspended Because He Probably Lost A Bet” Winston, who was out for the whole game. Apparently, if enough pressure is put on sports organizations, they will reverse decisions and make up new policies on the spot. Sean Maguire looked serviceable in this win, which is what you want out of a backup quarterback. Clemson has a really tough schedule this year, with only one cupcake game sandwiched between playing top 25 teams that they lost to in the late in the game. Those are their only two losses and nothing is impossible, but it looks like right now Clemson’s playoff dreams are dead. FSU, on the other hand, is still on track for a spot now that they get their star back.

Winner: California 45 vs Arizona 49 – Any game that ends in a successful Hail Mary will have a special place in my heart, and I’m not even a Catholic. Cal dominated for 3 quarters at which point Arizona seemed to look at the scoreboard and go, “Huh, you know what I think there might be a football game tonight. Maybe we should start playing football.” The team then took a vote and collectively decided to thrash those “Pot-smoking, liberal hippies from Berkeley” (Their words, not mine). The Wild Cats proceeded to unleashed all of the footballing they hadn’t been doing in one quarter. They fought valiantly, but found themselves down by 2 and out of field goal range with four seconds left. So what did they do? What every team in that situation has been doing for years: they ran a Hail Mary. This maybe the most statistically improbable play in all of football to convert. And they got it. THEY GOT IT. HAIL MARY, FULL OF GRACE!


Performance of Week

Honorable Mention: Dak Prescott MSU – Say hello to your first CFRU triple crown winner. The dude was straight up impressive in the win over LSU. He put up 268 yards passing with two touchdowns and 105 yards rushing with one touchdown. He really did it all on Saturday and actually generated some Heisman hype. Dak may not have the best name in the SEC, but he might be one the best quarterbacks. The best quarterback in the SEC might come from a Mississippi school. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE SEC?

Honorable Mention: Connor Halliday, Washington State – I have been hesitant thus far to include Halliday as he plays in a system that is pretty much all passing, and while he has put up consistently good numbers, those numbers have been against awful competition. But after hanging with Oregon the whole game, and putting up 436 yards and four touchdowns on a good Oregon defense, he deserves some credit. Yes, he will have 10-15 more attempts per game than other quarterbacks thanks to Mike Leach’s “Running the ball is for communists” offense, so we should take his stats with a grain of salt. We ‘ll start to see what he’s really made of in the coming weeks when conference play picks up. But for now let’s admire Halliday in all of his goofy-looking glory.

Winner: Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin – Melvin Gordon is back with a vengeance! And he is out to prove that Gurley isn’t the only destroyer of worlds out there. After a disappointing week against Western Illinois, he saw his carries cut back a little. But what he did with the 13 carries he got was spectacular. He rushed for 253 yards and tied a school record with five touchdowns! That’s over 20 yards a carry, by the way. Gordon led a rout over Bowling Green this week and should gain some of the trust he lost back from the coaching staff. I am glad the apparent injury he suffered in game one hasn’t reappeared and Melvin looks fantastic out there. Hopefully we will be treated to more than 13 carries of Gordon per week, because this kid has a special talent that is so much fun to watch.

See y’all next week!

Kyle is a student at Georgia Tech and has taken it upon himself to rewrite his own bio. He has a ton of #HOTSPORTSTAKES and general sports thoughts floating around in his head. It is good that he now has this blog to express those thoughts instead of rambling about them to random strangers on the street. Kyle loves basketball and football and baseball and all other sports. His unedited articles are a grammatical nightmare for K.

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