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10-57: Kevin Seitzer, One Year In

I’m reviving my old 10-57 series to take a look at the Braves’ new-for-2015 hitting coach, Kevin Seitzer. After scoring the second fewest runs in the MLB during a disappointing 79 win season in 2014, the Braves were looking to shake

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Best Albums of 2015: A Group of Incredibly Subjective Lists

While taking an admittedly less involved role here at ye olde Braves General Store, there is one piece that I have been preparing for all year. After SRB trashed my choice of Hosier as having the #2 album of 2014

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Merry Porzingmas

There are several story lines emerging early this NBA Season. The Warriors might be better than they were last year. The Rockets have become a dumpster fire. The Kings can’t seem to go two months without a players-only meeting. Kobe

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Ignorance in Broadcasting

The Braves lost to the Mets on Thursday night. Shocker, I know. At this point, you shouldn’t be surprised by that kind of outcome, but hopefully you’ve long since made your peace with it. I know I have. However, that

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PPV Throwback: Great American Bash 1989

ppv throwback wcw great american bash 1989

We’re back! After taking a month off because of other engagements, the PPV Throwback is…well…back. I hope within the next few weeks to get last month’s piece finished, if only because it was a very good choice that played perfectly

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Beyond The 500 – Episode 11

The 500 returned this week with Bennett and Kyle appearing from parts unknown. I had fun writing about a great rock n’ roll show and mix tapes in the meantime, but now it’s time to get back to The 500

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Ant-Man was Really Good and I’m Confused

If you are not already beginning to feel the fatigue of the summer blockbuster, then you need to check your pulse. You might be as dead as the horse that every major production studio has spent the past few months

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The Ladder – July 12, 2015

Hello everyone! As we enjoy the All Star break and get ready to unveil the BGS Top 25 Prospect list, what better way to tide you over than with a new installment of the ladder? Let’s jump right into the

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Beyond The 500: A Rock n’ Roll Interlude

The 500 is taking a summer break, and I thought I would be too. However, I went to a rock n’ roll show on Friday that still has me in a tizzy. As a result, I felt the need to

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The Ladder – June 29

Hello all! I apologize for my hiatus from The Ladder last week, I was helping with a cross-country move. I’m pretty sure I logged more hours in a car last weekend than the Gwinnett bullpen has logged in their myriad

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