BGS Picks the College Football Playoff Semi-Finals

Ever since Jason Campbell’s undefeated Auburn squad got left out of the BCS title game back in 2004, I’ve wanted a college football playoff. Not because I had any particular affinity for Jason Campbell or Auburn, but because the controlled chaos of a playoff bracket is a million times more “fair” and “fun” than the whimsy of computers. Then again, the Selection Committee includes notable big-game-choker Barry Alvarez (you know my thoughts on Wisconsin), Turncoat AD Dan Radokovich, and, somehow, Condoleezza Rice. Footballing luminaries, galore! Enough of this, let’s get on with the picks.

Oregon vs FSU

Kyle: I have to go with Oregon here, they have an elite offense and Mariota is the best player in college football. I don’t think he’ll have any trouble with the FSU defense. Mariota handled the Michigan State and Utah defenses very well and they are comparable with this FSU defense. The Ducks are too much fun to watch for this to be the end. I really hope FSU doesn’t pull its usual stunt and barely win. They are the worst. Side note: THERE’S STILL NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE #TALKINBOUTTHENOLES
Oregon 56 – FSU 42

Bennett: I’m choosing Oreg… Wait. Maybe that’s exactly what they want me to do. Maybe, if I chose FSU, they would lose… Or if I said the words “I,” “Love” and “Jameis Winston” consecutively, it would release the world from his tyrannical rule. I don’t know how to win here. I feel like Mariota and his Ducks should have their way with FSU’s defense, but for real I think FSU is comprised of robots designed to only slightly best their competition that week.  My prediction is by no means bold.
Oregon 42 – FSU 41

John: Let it be known I want Marcus Mariota and Oregon to trounce FSU. I would love to root for the ACC, but I’m not an SEC fan so I don’t ride the coattails of other teams and gain a false sense of superiority over it. Oregon is the better team, but FSU simply doesn’t lose football games. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but despite what I want to happen, I have to pick FSU because the football gods obviously see them favorably.
FSU 45 – Oregon 42

K: If you’ve been paying attention to twitter you’ve seen me #TALKINBOUTTHENOLES and you know I think they’re a trash team. They’ve been incredibly lucky, winning a handful of tight games, including a couple of one-possession luck-fests. This one won’t be close, though, because Oregon is a precision machine and Marcus Mariota is the truth.
Oregon 48 – FSU 27

Ohio State vs Alabama

Kyle: Alabama is the best team in the country. They have won several championships in the past, with just their soul-crushing defense and a mediocre, but mistakes-free offense. Now they have one of the best offenses in the country and its actually watchable! What happened to the Nick Saban I grew up with? The one who hated offense, no-huddles, and fun? It kind of bums me out that Saban will probably win again. But, hey when you are the Dark Lord of the college football world I guess you tend to win championships. It seems the only way to defeat Saban at this point is to destroy his horcruxes. Ohio State is good, and there is a scenario in which this is a close game, but I just can’t see Urban Meyer and a third string quarterback cracking this Tide defense. I’m picking Alabama here.
BAMA 42 – Ohio State 19

Bennett: There are many things people hate in college football. Alabama fans. Jameis Winston. Lou Holtz’s dentures. Yeah, those things are kinda bad, but none of those rouse my deep seated and further internalized hatred than the Big 10. I don’t like their conference. I don’t like that they think they have good teams. I don’t like that people believe them. Ohio State is the head of the beast. Maybe my anger should be mollified by the way Urban Meyer has run the program, but it is not happening today. I’m ready to see Alabama’s hard hitting offense to make Ohio State look silly.
Alabama 38 – Ohio State 17

John: I hate both of these teams so I wish they would both lose, but I guess that can’t happen. I think Alabama is the better team, but Urban Meyer wants to show that he made the SEC what it is today and now wants to take it away from them. Ohio State hasn’t performed well against the SEC, but Urban Meyer hasn’t led the team against one. I think it would be poetic justice for Saban to be defeated by Meyer and because I don’t really care who wins, I’m saying YOLO and picking the underdog.
OSU 31 – BAMA 27

K: There is no world in which Alabama doesn’t win this game. Ohio State is going to come out on a national stage against an SEC team and thoroughly embarrass themselves. It’s what they do. It’s THE Ohio State way. You can stop watching when the game is in hand after the half, like when they played Florida and TEBOW in 2007. Or LSU in 2008. Etc. Etc. Etc.
The Crimson SABANS 31 – OSU 13


I loathe Nick Markakis

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