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Marathoning for Avengers: Iron-Man 2

I’ll be honest. This stretch was supposed to be the hardest. The Incredible Hulk was hard to get through last night, and I followed that with Iron-Man 2. These two movies are regularly derided as the low points of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Marathoning for Avengers: Iron-Man & The Forgettable Hulk

I am a student at Georgia Tech. Last I heard, we have the longest academic calendar in the state of Georgia, maybe the country. I’m not sure, but just know it is something demoralizing. This makes finals week hard for

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Daredevil: A Reconstruction of Superhero Storytelling

[There are no spoilers in this post.] Things have changed. I will not say irrevocably so, but for the time being, things have changed. At 2:59 AM Eastern Time on Friday morning, the landscape of superhero media was very clear.

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Cynical and Hopeful: Bennett Does The Oscars

I am still not sure of my motivation for writing a piece on the biggest awards show of the year. I could take this very seriously and break down each category, but then that would involve me having to explain

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Felicity Jones May Have Killed Spider-Man

Felicity Jones is about to become Hollywood’s newest leading lady. She has been a somewhat central character in two major motion pictures, and has already been nominated for an Oscar (The Theory of Everything, Best Performance by an Actress in a

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Add Some More Fire: The Nic-Cage-a-Thon

On Friday nights with nothing to do, one must celebrate excellence in whatever way possible. Excellent food, excellent friends, and excellent art. I totally gave up on the first one after lunch was the same Cookout meal that I had consumed for

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The Exhausted Hobbit: A Final Homecoming to Middle Earth

I am by no means a Tolkien fan-boy.   I have never been able to make it past around page 200 of Fellowship of the Ring, I have never read the Silmarillion, and I am pretty sure all swords in

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Jurassic World: Codename Marvel Unity

Jurassic Park sparked an amazing generation. Dinosaurs became super cool again. Then, they became not so cool after the two sequels, but that is ok, because we are going to be getting a new one in June of 2015. However,

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Diversity Day at Avengers Tower

A big leap forward is coming soon in the genre of comic book movies: Heroes of a diverse background will finally be headlining their own projects on the silver screen. The old joke about Marvel employing three headliners who are

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Civil War is Here: Time to Freak Out

Maybe a little overused, but this is the only way I know how to represent my reaction after the announcement that was made by Marvel this weekend. Marvel promised the biggest announcement of 2014 at the New York Comic Con

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