BGS was founded in 2014 by Stephen Brown and K Yamada out of a need to embarrass each other publicly. They started with one intern–Kyle–but have since grown to include a varied consortium of “internet people.” They’re just a few guys building their #brand and talking about whatever comes to mind. Mostly baseball, but anything is fair game. Come for the mediocre analysis, stay for the weekly features and #great #content.

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K (@e11even745) believes in very few things that don’t adhere to the transcendentalist manifesto prescribed by Henry David Thoreau. He is a stat head who loves numbers and spreadsheets, but after a 7 year fight against the Chip Carrays and Joe Morgans Simpsons of the world, his online presence has spiraled downward into a depressing series of long-cons and trolls. Only two things have ever made him cry: his sports teams, and 27 Dresses.

Brad (@bradnarok) is a person who has seen every episode of every Star Trek series. He holds a couple of degrees in religion/theology and at various points in his life has considered becoming a professional chef, filmmaker, MMA fighter, outlaw country star, and lab doctor. Instead Brad now spends much of his time making Big Grocery look good on the internet and doing alcohol. He also sometimes writes things.


Stephen (@srbrown70) came up with the idea for this blog shortly after graduating from Tech. Realizing that life is ephemeral, he decided to put (metaphorical) pen to paper and catalogue his thoughts. His thoughts are series of numbers and spreadsheets, casually categorized as “research,” and said research is usually conducted on the margins of what is both relevant and socially acceptable.

Brandon (@_bg37) is that dude K hates because of his love affair with Little Caesars. As a result of this, the two have been entangled in a years long debate over the sabermetric value of $5 pizza. Brandon‘s path to the Store has been a twisted one, involving studies in statistics and sports marketing and having been a member of the Braves online community since most were wee lads. He’s back in the writing game despite spending his free time chasing around a toddler and telling people not to buy hamsters.

Dan (@dsimpson88) loves most things in life, including but not limited to: Neil deGrasse Tyson, bunting, and Mercer basketball. He is a master of the reaction GIF, and as such is one of only three people who have ever bested both K and Brad in a game of on line. A Duke grad, Dan is extremely brilliant, but being that this blog is run predominantly by rival ACC’ers, we’ll never tell him that. He has not only promised to kill Stephen, but also reassures us we’ll never find the body.

Kyle (@kyleslife27) is a student at Georgia Tech and has taken it upon himself to rewrite his own bio. He has a ton of #HOTSPORTSTAKES and general sports thoughts floating around in his head. It is good that he now has this blog to express those thoughts instead of rambling about them to random strangers on the street. Kyle loves basketball and football and baseball and all other sports. His unedited articles are a grammatical nightmare for K.

Bennett (@garland_angst) is a student at Georgia Tech. Despite attending what is far and away the best school in the state of Georgia, he has far too much time on his hands and consumes video media at a ferocious pace. We don’t know how he finds time to watch all three dozen super hero movies that come out every summer while also watching every SyFy showing of Sharknado and Sharknado 2, but he does and writes about his adventures in film and music.


Dirty Dave Brown (@GuitarGeorge9) is a 30-60 year old man, and the father of our very own Stephen Brown. He has a tremendous fear of cats, which precludes him from learning how to internet. Dave was an English major, and is far too smart for his own good. He is currently living a secluded life away from bothersome things like computers, the Hustle, and the Grind. He is the creator of the weekly Friday Night with Guitar George column and a purveyor of all things good.

John (@jstewdoessports) is a Georgia Tech graduate who likes the internet and sports and continues to meld the two via wordsmithing. John is subject to bouts of extreme hyperbole, homerism, and rage. He is also the author of numerous introspective emails concerning the awkward nature of the human condition. When he’s not writing about sports, you can find him talking about sports.

David (@daviddouglas268) is a Business Administration major at Georgia Tech. You could read Bennett’s bio and adjust it with descriptors like “tall,” and “hipster tendencies,” and it would be appropriate for David. In addition to sitting in his bed alone watching television, David also downloads and binge-plays any PS4 Beta he can get his dirty hands on. He then tweets about it while @’ing corporate accounts and using their hashtags.



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    anything sbrown writes should be both eccentric and eclectic in an amusing sense with dry serious undertones. In short this kid is fun and insightful!

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